Engineering Services



TERRATEC’s relationship with the Customer is not limited to the Supply of the TBM. Its extensive experience in the tunneling industry allows customers to benefit from advice from TERRATEC in the following fields, related to their new Tunneling Projects:

  • Review of project requirements and specify TBM technology
  • Selection of suitable TBM
  • Design of suitable Segment Lining
  • Development of Tunnelling Method Statements
  • Cost analysis for the equipment and tunnelling works

Irrespective of having purchased the TBM from TERRATEC or from any other Supplier, TERRATEC is always willing to support the Customer with the design and/or supply of any custom-made equipment which may be needed for the TBM assembly or operation, such as Reaction Frames, Launching Cradles, TBM Pulling Systems, etc.

TERRATEC can either supply the equipment, or if is more convenient, provide the manufacturing specifications for Customers to arrange local fabrication.