Raise Boring Machine Products


Raise Boring Machine

TERRATEC has developed through the years its own series of Raise Boring Machines, which today is recognized as a superior product due to its innovative and high-performance design.

The following TERRATEC standard Raise Boring Machines are available:

  • Raise Boring Machine - TDR Series


    The TDR Series (TERRATEC Down & Raise) allows conventional upwards reaming, as well as downwards reaming, up to 2,000mm diameter shafts.

    TERRATEC's design of the TDR Series is low profile and all the components can pass through the working table, allowing the user to work comfortably in confined spaces.

    Following are the Standard Models from the TDR Series:

    • TDR-600
    • TDR-1000
    • TDR-2000
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  • Raise Boring Machine - TR Series


    For the excavation of large shafts, TERRATEC's TR (TERRATEC Raise) Series offers an optimized design to ream shafts up to 6,000mm in diameter only upwards.

    TERRATEC's standard models from the TR Series are following:

    • TR-2000
    • TR-3000
    • TR-4000
    • TR-6000
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  • Raise Boring Machine - UB Series


    The design of the Universal Borer (UB) Machine allows the Raise/Down/Boxhole drilling of shafts, which makes the UB the most versatile of the RBM's.

    The standard model of the Universal Borer allows raise boring shafts of 1,500mm and Down or Box hole reaming up to 1,000mm.

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